Music lessons – Skills for a Healthy, Creative Life!

Music learning helps to build core strengths especially in the areas of listening, communication, analyzing sounds and visuals, reading, flexibility of thinking, creativity, self-expression, spacial organization, dexterity and coordination… Nothing activates the WHOLE BRAIN like music does!

Music playing stimulates production of endorphins, serotonin and dopamine to bring pleasure and satisfaction! Talk about motivating!

Playing music offers stress release, whole brain integration after a day of school or work, and helps promote emotional well being. Learning music offers a skill for life, and it gives an outlet that is anti-depressive!

Music lessons - for the child and the inner child

Music lessons – great for the child, young or old

  • Guitar – beginner guitar lessons: learn how to play chords of your favorite songs in their open positions, basics of harmony, theory, great for singing along with
  • Voice – learn to sing in tune, feel comfortable with your voice, expand your singing range, learn to read music, rhythms
  • Recorder – Want to learn a melody instrument? Recorder is an easy and inexpensive way to start. It also benefits the lungs and breathing muscles, for those with asthma or other lung conditions.
  • Ukulele – an easy precursor to the guitar, or satisfying in itself, the uke is fun, light hearted and helps with learning harmony and song-writing
  • Music Theory – What do all those dots and lines mean? How do you translate them into music? Learning the written language of music,
    • will help you understand the choir music you are singing or playing
    • will help you write down your own compositions
    • is helpful for supporting a healthy brain

      Wind instruments are great for breathing, helpful for those with asthma

      Wind instruments are great for breathing, helpful for those with asthma

  • Song writing – Ever think you’d like to write your own songs? We look at structure, harmony, melody, lyrics…everything you need to write your own songs!

My strengths include an understanding of sensory processing challenges, learning disabilities and learning styles, an ability to adapt my approach to teaching so it works for you.

Many people, children and adults, are working with sensory processing challenges and learning disabilities. In adults they may be un-diagnosed. Children these days are tested when teachers notice differences in learning. Music learning can help to support learning on a global scale. If testing has been done, the reports help me to target the lessons to fit your or our child’s needs.

If you or your child has struggled over music, math, or depression, specialized lessons or music therapy may be the right fit!

Locations in Ottawa, ON for lessons:

  • Southminster United Church in Old Ottawa South
  • Nectar Centre, New Edinburgh.

Contact Pamela for a free consultation:      email hidden; JavaScript is required    or 613-829-1556