Music Therapy in Long-Term Care/Retirement:

“As Life Enrichment Coordinator, I have been witness to the power of music and the very individualized program that Pamela provides. Residents state that they “love the program” and are happy when it is their turn for a session. Pamela has added a wonderful positive dimension to our residents’ lives. The residents she serves are at all levels of developmental and physical functioning. She is able to gear her program to meet residents where they are at. I highly recommend this program.” – Kathy Barr, Rosebridge Manor

“I am so excited about doing this kind of work. My whole body feels energized. I want people to know about you. They need to know you. From the first time I came, I have known I chose the right person. I have come through more in these few short months than in years of other work.” – Woman with Multiple Sclerosis

Music Therapy with Children:

“My child is more creative and peaceful. His language skills have improved. He loves it when you come. It is his time to play. ” – Mother of a child with autism.

 Individual Sound Healing/Music Therapy Sessions

“I really enjoyed the session with you. I felt totally safe and comfortable. Your beautiful voice, and compassionate, understanding, gentle manner put me immediately at ease. For a total stranger, I was delighted with your insights and depth of knowledge and rich life experiences. The sound of the singing bowls, combined with your singing felt very nurturing for my soul. I felt affirmed, understood and empowered.  It was synchronistic that we met and I look forward to our next session!” – Jenny

“Stimulating, moving, emotionally expressive, I felt balanced throughout my chakras. The friend who was with me also really enjoyed it.” – Helen C.

“I don’t know what you are doing, but you are a master at it. You have to keep going!” – Man with a history of schizophrenia

Concerts with Singing Bowls and Sacred Songs

“I often remember how beautiful Pamela ‘s singing bowl meditations were, her angelic chanting, the different vibrations of each bowl and the sense of peace and renewed energy we all felt as a group. Singing the chants ourselves was especially healing. Awesome!” – Beverly Rice-MacLeod

“I learned new things about myself. I realized that I don’t sing very often…a new pleasure! The vibrations from the bowls were very relaxing: I could feel them going right through my body!”

“I found the experience embracing, comfortable and relaxing.”

“It felt like I was being massaged inside. I felt it in my soul. Nothing ever touches me THERE!”

Healing work

“Working with Pamela was amazing! She was able to go exactly where I needed to go, describing one of my past lives which really came alive for me. It helped me realize why I have been afraid to claim my own power. Later I became more connected to my strong warrior side and felt more free. Thanks, Pamela.” – Beverly