Types of services

There several reasons why you may be here:

    • Looking for support in critical times:
    • Grief or sadness
    • Times of transition
    • Coping with physical issues
    • Reduce stress
    • Self-exploration and development
    • Dealing with old trauma
    • Challenging relationships
    • Spiritual development
    • Self-care
    • Self care for Caregivers


Self Care for Caregivers

With over 30 years experience working with seniors with dementia and other conditions, I understand how challenging it can be, and how important it is for you to have time for your own self-care… time to explore the emotional changes and challenges of caring for a parent with disabilities. 

Methods used can be receptive, allowing you to rest and receive; or active, promoting active self-expression and exploration.

Therapy Approach… Engaging the Spirit

My approach is client centered, intuitive, holistic and experiential.

Some times we focus on working from the inside, other times on exploring relationships with others.

Some of the techniques used include voice work like toning, improvising with musical instruments, guided imagery, art, songwriting.

Periodically, I offer group singing bowl sessions in a meditative concert setting, and individual sessions may be available.

Spiritual Approach…Exploring Other Lifetimes

At times, you may feel like you have explored an issue to death, yet still it lingers. Whether it is challenging relationships, health issues, personality traits or difficult life events,  the feeling or problem is still hanging in there. You ask why? You are ready to try a spiritual approach, to explore the meaning of the issue and find peace, finally.

Looking through the window of reincarnation and past lives, through imagery, we find the root of the issue, and bring resolution.  Having over twenty years experience exploring and fifteen years of practicing techniques on myself and others, I am your guide. These sessions are individual.

Private Sessions

Sound healing supports relaxation and rebalancing.

Individual healing sessions are highly personalized and geared towards your needs and interests.

Healing work is generally done over the course of several sessions, during which we explore the issues you are wanting to address and use the techniques that can best help you to achieve the healing you desire.

Please contact Pamela with any questions and to arrange for sessions.

Group Sessions

Several approaches are offered in group formats. Please go to the EVENTS tab for upcoming dates.

Vocal Toning and Voice Work

In sound healing literature, the voice is often called the most important healing instrument. Voice work integrates methods from sound healing and sound medicine, and music therapy approaches. One method, working from the sound healing model, uses the voice to tone the chakras. Others are more expressive in nature.  Groups offer support and help to make sessions affordable for those with lower income. Please check the events page for upcoming groups.

Singing Bowls Meditations

The sounds of the Crystal and Tibetan Singing Bowls help to bring deep relaxation and peace. The sounds made by the bowls stimulate alpha brain waves, which naturally occur just before sleep as we relax. In this state, you are able to let go of old ways of thinking about yourself and the world. Supporting yourself on a regular basis through the relaxation and healing vibrations of  singing bowls group sessions is an affordable way to de-stress, support inner peace and wellness.

The singing bowls are highly recommended by American oncologist Dr. Mitchell Gayner in his book The Healing Power of Sound, and others.

While playing the bowls, I find myself called to create melodies that express the group energy and emotion. According to some clients, the mix of melody, tone, harmonics and singing bowls provides a deeply soothing meditative and healing experience. While the bowls relax, the melody to gently entertains and soothes the mind. Where many people have experienced deep release of old belief patterns and emotional blocks, others have experienced some benefits in their bodies.

Please see the events page for information on upcoming group sessions.

Spiritual Chant “Inter-Faith Kirtan”

Mantras sung in this format, are short texts, most of which have been used over may years coming from a variety of faith traditions. Their purpose is to help people in their spiritual opening and evolution. They can be thought of as sung prayers. Some of them lead gently into meditation, while others are lively and ecstatic in the Indian Kirtan tradition. All are uplifting and support healing through the spirit and your inner connection with the Divine.

Whether through individual or intimate group sessions, or concert performances, let Pamela Holm’s powerful yet gentle voice coax open your heart, lift you out of your doldrums, and guide you on your Deep Soul Journey to a happier, healthier you.

Please visit the Events page for invitations about upcoming happenings!