Animals and plants have definite responses to music. Over the past number of years many experiments have been carried out studying the effects of different types of music on some of our favorite  friends. Here are a few links:

Cows have been treated to country, rock, metal and classical music and hands down prefer the classical….and produce an extra litre of milk to show it….

Cats calm in a noisy animal shelter when soothing harp music is played for them…

Dogs have been exposed to different types of music from Metalica to Bach by researcher Deborah Wells in Ireland. They spent more time resting and barked less with classical music, where as heavy metal music made them more agitated. Apparently Bach’s music especially reduces separation anxiety and stress behavior from loud noises and thunder storms. Pop music had no effect one way or the other.

The best music has slower rhythms, about 60 beats per minute (the heart at rest), fewer instruments, simpler melodies and it is best to keep the volume low.

You might also like to check out the book: Through a Dog’s Ear: Using Sound to improve the Health and Behavior of Your Dog by sound researcher Joshua Leeds and veterinary neurologist Susan Wagner.

And then there is flora….

Plants seem to share the same interest in Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven, the most researched classical composers. Just as they grow toward sunlight, they also will grow towards the source of classical music, and away from hard rock. Their foliage thickens and shows a healthy green.

Have fun exploring. Googling will find you lots of information!