Sadly, Pamela Holm passed away on September 23, 2019, just 3 weeks after receiving a cancer diagnosis.

Please direct any inquiries concerning her clients to Rebecca Worden, email hidden; JavaScript is required.

Other communication should be directed to Heather Holm at email hidden; JavaScript is required.

Find out more about her life, music, songwriting, art and healing work, her final illness, memorial services, etc. at

Music Therapy in Ottawa

I am an accredited music therapist with twenty-five years of experience (Canadian Association for Music Therapy) and a registered psychotherapist (College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario). I also bring 30 years as an intuitive healer working though visualization, and over 10 years with Reiki and sound healing.

I view the therapeutic relationship as one of equals where I am present to support and empower you on your journey. You may relax with confidence in the safe space and confidentiality of an experienced therapist and healer.

You may be looking for help with stress, anxiety, depression, or loss, or to find a supportive guide along the bumpy road of life. You may be in the midst of a transition of some kind, and feeling overwhelmed. You’ve come to the right place. Maybe you are looking for something to freshen your sense of life, to rediscover play and revitalize your creativity. Here you will find a compassionate, friendly guide.

You may be looking for support for your loved one, a parent or partner entering into a new phase of life with a chronic illness or condition whose needs are changing….or for your child who is struggling with their inner world. Help is here.

Our focus may range from learning new skills, or maintaining abilities and hope in the face of illnesses, to healing and transformation. I care about your whole being: cognitive, emotional, social, physical, and spiritual.

In a session, we may choose to talk, play simple instruments, draw, visualize, use our voices, create a song, or listen to music.  My approach has experiential, creative, mindful, holistic and expressive qualities.